Repagination & Intended Display Resolution

MediaShout automatically creates cues at the resolution of the Main display screen. However, if no Main display screen is connected when a cue is created or modified, it is created at the Intended Resolution that is set in MediaShout. If you build presentations without a Main display connected, set the Intended Resolution to match the actual resolution of the Main display screen the cues will be presented on. This ensures that MediaShout will not have to modify them in order to display at the correct resolution during the presentation. If you encounter a dialog that says MediaShout needs to repaginate the cue, the cue wasn't created at the same resolution as the current Main display and the cue needs to be adjusted to be displayed properly.

To access these setting, go to: Tools > Settings > Screens > Main Display > Show Options > Intended Resolution. The Intended Resolution that is set needs to match the resolution of the Main Display on the computer on which you are presenting. (See screen shot below.) This will need to be set on any computer that is creating or editing content for MediaShout.

Please note: There is a VERY important caveat to this information. If you have a second display (or third, in the case of the stage display) connected to your computer while creating or editing cues, MediaShout will assume that it is the actual display that you intend to present with, and it will use the resolution of that display rather than the intended resolution setting when creating cues. This is most often an issue in an office environment where you have dual monitors that both have a higher resolution than you use on your Main Display (projector) when presenting. You will need to manually change the resolution of that display to match what you intend to use while presenting for MediaShout to create the cues correctly and avoid issues with repagination. 

This information applies equally to the Stage Display, so if you are using the Stage display you will also need to set that Intended Resolution setting as well. It is also helpful to note that the resolution of the Control Display (the display on which you view the MediaShout script and user interface) is NEVER an issue. You can set that to whatever best suits your personal preferences.