Deleting Songs is relatively easy. Please review the available options to see which applies to your current needs.

  1. To delete individual songs: From the Lyric Deck, right click the song and select Delete Song(s).
  2. To delete multiple songs: From the Lyric Deck, select the songs you want to delete while holding down the CTRL button, right click one of the songs and select Delete Song(s).
  3. To delete an entire group of songs(i.e. Spanish Songs): Expand the MediaShout Library and select the Group. Select the first song, then scroll to the bottom of the list and while holding down the Shift Key, select the last song. This will select all the songs in the group. Right click one of the songs and select Delete Song(s). Then open the action menu and select Manage Lyric Group/Open Lyric Group Manager. From here you can now delete the empty group.

Please keep in mind. Deleting songs from a group will delete the songs from your database. However, deleting a group that currently has songs applied to it, does not delete the songs.