Using Packer to transport a script to a different computer.

This feature will make a copy of the script file, along with all the media (i.e. songs, bible scriptures, backgrounds, etc.) that is associated with the script and put it inside a folder in a location on your computer designated by the user.  You can copy this folder to a jump drive, network, etc. and take it to another MediaShout computer.

Here are instructions for using this feature:

  1. While in your current script, go to File>Packer.  (This is an Introduction window that explains what Packer is going to do.)
  2. Click Next.
  3. Choose the Presentation Folder and Script File name:
    • Presentation Folder:  This is the name of the folder and the location on the computer where the file is going to be saved.  (The last file name in the Presentation Folder text field indicates the name of the folder that MediaShout will attempt to create to put the files in.)
    • Script File:  This is the name of the script file that you are packing.
  4. After designating the Presentation Folder name and Script File name, click Finish.

MediaShout will pack the script and pop up a Packing Complete window.  Click Ok to close the window.  Now, you can copy the packed script and use it on another MediaShout computer:

  1. Make a copy of the packed folder onto a jump drive, cd, network, etc.
  2. Take the copy to the target computer.
  3. Copy the folder to that computer's hard drive.
  4. Go to the copied folder and double click the script file inside of that packed folder.  (This will open the script up automatically in MediaShout.)