Recording while running MediaShout

We are frequently asked about using recording software on the MediaShout computer during a presentation, and the short answer to this is: Don't!

We strongly recommend using separate computers to record and run MediaShout, and if you plan to record video you will absolutely need to use a separate computer. Recording video and/or audio is a real-time process that requires frequent and complete control of the CPU and hard drive. Audio is less demanding than video, but both recording processes require real-time access to the computer hardware. MediaShout frequently has the same needs, and running them both on the same computer will usually cause the performance of one or the other to suffer.

Presentation software involves tasks that need to happen at exactly the moment you choose. The process that MediaShout uses to create the output on the Main display is very complex and often requires the undivided attention of the computer. If you are running recording software, there is a very high likelihood that the computer will be saving the captured video or audio to the hard drive at the same instant that you need to play a video or large graphic.  When that occurs, one of two things will happen:

  • The recording will get priority and MediaShout will have to wait until the computer has time to display what MediaShout needs; or,
  • MediaShout will get priority and the recording that is occurring will have a skip or jump (some noticeable defect) in it.

While computers often fool us into thinking that they can perform many tasks at the same time--and to our relatively slow eyes that appears to be the case--the truth is that computers can only do one thing at a time.  If you ask a computer to do too much at the same time, some or all of the tasks will be affected.  In the case of audio and video playback or recording, very small delays or disturbances will be noticeable and will significantly degrade your results.