Transferring MediaShout v4.5 Files From One PC to Another

Occasionally users need to transfer their MediaShout v4.5 files to another computer in order to use the same script files, songs, etc on the new computer.  Here is the best way to do this:

(NOTE:  In MediaShout v4, you will need to go to Tools>License Manager and Deactivate your license before you activate it on the new computer if the old computer is no longer going to be used for MediaShout.  This is to release one of your activations so that you can use it on the new computer.  It will not let you activate a copy for use on a new computer if you exceed your total number of allotted installs.If you upgraded to MediaShout 5, you will not be able to activate MediaShout 4 on new or other computers. If you want the ability to continue to activate or transfer the V4 software on new or other computers, you can pay the difference between the Upgrade and Full and turn the V5 Upgrade into a V5 Full. We can then reinstate the V4 account, giving you full access to both. To do this, please call 866-857-1292 and provide agent with your V4 and V5 license codes.)


  1. On the old computer, copy the My Shout folder, found at C/Users/Public, to a jump drive or an external Hard Drive.  (The My Shout folder contains all the necessary files needed for the program such as the media, bibles, song database, etc.) Please keep in mind, this does not include media files you have stored elsewhere on the computer. These files will need to be transferred in the same manner as the My Shout folder.
  2. Take the copied files to the new computer.
  3. Copy the My Shout folder to the default location, C/Users/Public.
  4. Be sure to delete the contents of your User Settings folder before you install MediaShout. The files in this folder are system specific and need to be deleted. (C/Users/Public/My Shout/V4/User Settings) MediaShout will recreate any file it will need.
  5. Installing MediaShout v4.5 on the new computer. Please download a new copy of B294 Full Installer as well as the B297 update. You can find these files by clicking HERE DO NOT any old install disc. This will ensure you have the most updated version as the disc you may have may be outdated.


If you have any other files that you use in MediaShout, such as pictures or videos, located somewhere other than the My Shout folder, then you will need to copy them separately and put them in the exact same location on the new computer.  If you don't have the exact same directory structure on the new computer, then we recommend reorganizing your media and other files in the My Shout/Shoutable Library folder before you transfer the My Shout folder to the new computer.  

Once you have made the transfer and MediaShout is open you will need to go the Song Deck and run the "Check Media Files in Library" utility (see pic below). MediaShout will then search the system and re-associate the media files back to your Song Library. If you open old scripts and other cues are disabled, go to File/Check Media Files and MediaShout will try and locate the missing media for the currently open script

Transferring Just the Songs from One v4 Computer to Another

Sometimes users just need to transfer songs from one MediaShout v4 machine to another one.  You will need to Export them from the original computer and Import them into the target computer by using the following instructions:

Exporting the v4 Song Database

  1. On the original computer, go to the Songs deck.
  2. Click the Song Library Tools Menu button.  (blue triangle button at the top right corner)
  3. Select Export Songs.
  4. Choose Song Data File v4 as the Destination Type.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Click on the Browse button.
  7. In the File Name text field type a name for the database file to be created.
  8. Under Save In at the top, select a location on the computer where you will be saving the database file to.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Click Next.
  11. Choose Current SongAll Songs, or Selected Songs depending on which songs you need to export.
  12. Click Export.  (This will export the songs into a database file and pop up a results box telling you what was Selected and Exported.)
  13. Click Close.
  14. Copy the database file that was exported to a jump drive, cd, or a network location to transport the file to the target computer.

Importing the v4 Song Database

  1. Copy the database file that was transported from the jump drive, cd, or network location onto the target computer.
  2. Go to the Songs deck.
  3. Click the Song Library Tools Menu button (blue triangle button at the top right corner) and select Add Songs > From Files.
  4. Select Song Data File as the Source Type.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Click on the Browse button.
  7. Find the database file that was copied from the original computer.
  8. Highlight the file and select Open.
  9. Click Next.
  10. Select Import All Songs or Skip Duplicates depending on how you want to import the songs.
  11. Click Import.  (This will import the songs and pop up a results box telling you what was Selected and Imported.)