MediaShout includes a feature called Remote Control mode, giving presenters a way to advance presentations using a generic PowerPoint remote control. The MediaShout operator can then toggle between Remote Control mode and Normal mode to regain control of the presentation. MediaShout also includes a number of remote control settings depending on your particular model. (NOTE: Version 4.5 installations prior to b239 include the same feature, but labeled 'Slide Show' Mode. Please update to the latest build if this is the case.)

If you are looking for information about our remote control app for iOS, please see the MediaShout Remote App section of our Knowledge Base.

Using 'Remote Control' Mode

  • To switch to Remote Control mode, use the Playback Mode drop-down to select Remote Control.
  • To switch back to Normal mode, press the Esc key.

Remote Control Settings

By default, Remote Control mode interprets left-mouse-clicks as Play Next Cue commands, and right-mouse-clicks as Play Previous Cue commands.  

To change the keystrokes MediaShout interprets from your remote control:

  1. Open the Tools menu and select Settings > Script Pane.
  2. Use the Remote Control drop-down in the lower-right corner of this menu to change your settings. Available keystrokes are as follows:
    • PageDn & PageUp
    • DnArrow & UpArrow
    • 'N' & 'B'
    • RightArrow & LeftArrow
  3. If you want to retain mouse control while using Remote Control mode, un-check the 'Use the mouse as a remote' check box.

Need a Remote Control?

MediaShout Suggest these remotes: