Script Control Commands can be added as a cue, or added to an existing cue. Settings for a script control command are found in the property grid that appears when the Cue Editor view is set to Advanced.

Adding a Script Control command as a cue

Drag the Script Control object from the Elements deck to the Script pane. The new cue will open in the Cue Editor.

Adding a Script Control command to an existing cue

  1. Open a cue in the Cue Editor.
  2. Change the view in Cue Editor to Advanced.
  3. Click Command, and then select Script Control from the drop-down menu.

Script Control command properties

The following settings are available in the property grid:

  • Target: Selects the cue that will be played when the command plays (fires). Options include First Cue and Previous Cue, followed by a list of all cues in the script.
  • Scheduled Firing: Sets the command to play at a specific time.
  • Time of Day: If Scheduled Firing is selected, you can use this field to set the time of day for the command to play.
  • Play Times: Selects the number of times the command is to play. To play the command until another cue is played manually, set the the Play Times to Loop.
  • Advance Target: If Play Times is set to a specific number, you can use this field to designate the cue that will be played after the command has been played that number of times.