Bible Database Files in MediaShout v4

When you install MediaShout v4.x it only installs a couple of bible versions by default.  In the Full version of MediaShout v4, you can go to Tools>Resource Manager and get them there.  If you have the Upgrade version of MediaShout v4, then the bibles do not come with it by default.  (We don't pay royalties for them in the upgrade version.  Therefore, we do not provide them as a good faith effort to protect the producers' copyrights.)  This is an upgrade from MediaShout v3.x and you will get them from that previous version.  You can actually copy them from the v3.x bible library location and put them into the v4 bible library location.

Here are instructions for each method of installing the bibles for MediaShout v4:

Full Version Disk

  1. In Mediashout, go to Tools>Resource Manager.
  2. Choose a method in the Select and Install frommenu on the left.
    1. MediaShout Installation Disc:  This uses the original install DVD.
    2. Online Resource Manager:  This uses our online database.  (This option generally takes longer as media files have to be downloaded from the Internet.)
    3. Other File Location:  This will use files that are already on your computer.
  3. After choosing your install method, it will pop up English and Non-English bible check boxes.
  4. Check the boxes.
  5. Hit the Install button on the right.

Upgrade Version Disk

  1. Go to the MediaShout v3.x bible library location in My Shout>Bible Library>English.
  2. Highlight all the bibles in that folder.  (CTRL+A)
  3. After the bibles are highlighted, make a copy to the clipboard.  (CTRL+C)
  4. Go to the MediaShout v4.x bible library location in My Shout>V4>Bible Library>English.
  5. Paste the bibles in the English folder.