Inserting a DVD clip as a cue

Video DVD clips can be played from their own cues, or from the background layer of a cue.

Inserting a video DVD clip as a cue

  1. Load the DVD into your computer's DVD drive.
  2. Drag the Video DVD icon from the Elements deck to the Script pane. The Select Video DVD dialog box opens. (Alternate Method: Right-click in the Script pane and select Insert > Video > Video DVD.)
  3. Select the desired DVD and clip settings, and then click Select.

'Select Video DVD' Menu Options

  • Disk: Select the DVD to use for the clip.
  • Title and Chapter: Use the drop-down lists or arrow buttons to browse to a specific location in the movie.
  • Menus: The Menus button provides the following options:
    • Subtitles: Enable or disable subtitles. To use subtitles, go to the root menu of the DVD and enable subtitles. Then you can enable or disable them using the Menus button. Note: If you are having difficulty with the subtitle (lyrics) feature when using iWorship DVD's from Integrity Music, please call MediaShout Technical Support for assistance.
    • Audio: Select audio language options.
    • Root: Select Root to go to the root menu of the DVD.
  • In and Out: Select the in and out frames for the clip. Use the Mark button to mark the frames. If the In settings are not available, select Use alternative method for setting frame marks.