Adjusting the Speed of Videos and Changing the Color of Media Files

We have long wanted to put in an adjustment for Color and Speed for videos into MediaShout.  We have yet to get the development completed on this, but we did want to provide some tools that will effectively give you the same results but utilizes a tool outside of MediaShout to do this.

Speed of Videos

We have tested and found that if you have Windows Live Movie Maker, you can slow down or speed up the play time of the video.  This gives you the ability to adjust the speed as you need and then save the file and insert it into MediaShout as a background or regular video file.

If you do not have Windows Live Movie Maker, it is a free download from Microsoft and is part of the free Windows Live Essentials package (link below). You do not need to install all of the components of Live Essentials if you do not want them. Once the video is added to Windows Live Movie Maker, click the Edit Tab. From here you can change the "Speed" settings. Then simply click the Tab to the left of the "Home" Tab and select Save Movie/For Computer. If you are editing a widescreen video, select Save Movie/For High Definition Display.


Color of Images/Videos

With MediaShout 5's capabilities of layering multiple objects, you can now simply insert a solid color graphic (or even a textured graphic) and in the Other Objects Tab, adjust the opacity to your desired amount for the object.  Basically, if you want a red hue to an image or video, then you can insert a red image object on top of the background layer and then adjust the opacity to 50% and you now have a red hue to your original image.  You can make your own in PowerPoint by simply creating a cue with the color or texture you want and then saving it as a JPEG or PNG file.  Then you can add it to your presentation.  We've included some sample images that you can download to your computer and use for this purpose (just right-click on the image below and choose Save Image As... to save it to your computer).  You can also download the ZIP file of all of them at the very bottom of the article.







Dark Red






Light Blue






White (yes it's there, I promise)