HTTP Status 400 {"error": "v1_retired"} when launching MediaShout


This error message is caused by the Dropbox integration in MediaShout 5. Dropbox has discontinued (or "retired") Version 1 of their software interface (API) that other software vendors use to integrate into their products. Because of this, the Cloud Sync feature within MediaShout 5 will not work for the foreseeable future. Dropbox's decision is beyond our control, but we are actively investigating what would be involved in fixing it, and if we can find a feasible solution we’ll release an update to v5.


If you click on this message 4 times it will allow MediaShout to open. However, the Cloud deck integration will no longer work. To prevent this error from being displayed, go to the Cloud tab on the Media deck and click Sign Out.

We apologize for the inconvenience this is causing and will get the issue resolved if possible. If we are able to release an update that restores the Cloud Sync functionality, we will link that on this page when it's available. 

Please note that MediaShout 6 uses a newer version of the Dropbox API, so it is not affected by this issue. If Cloud Sync is critical to your workflow, we recommend upgrading to MediaShout 6.