Crash During Launch of MediaShout 5

By default, MediaShout will attempt to open the last script that was used when you launch the program. Occasionally, this will cause a problem and the program will crash during this process. Also, if you had a Dual or Quad viewer configured in a previous build and have updated to build 80 (or higher), there is a different problem that is likely causing this crash, and an explanation of that issue is covered below. **UPDATE: This has been fixed to prevent a crash in build 99, so you may need to check for updates if you are experiencing this issue. **

There are several things that you can do if MediaShout crashes while launching, so if the first step doesn't resolve the problem you can move on to the others:

  1. Open MediaShout to a blank script by pressing the CTRL key immediately after launching v5 from either the desktop icon or the taskbar (NOT by double-clicking on a script), and hold it down until the program is finished launching. If MediaShout successfully opens to a blank script, you can now open the desired script manually. If this doesn't resolve the problem, continue to the next step. 
  2. Download the Reset_All_Viewer_settings file linked below, double-click on it to run it, click the Yes and OK confirmations, and you will be finished. MediaShout should now launch successfully, and the problem shouldn't occur again.
  3. If step 2 doesn't resolve the issue you will need to clear all of MediaShout's registry settings. That will reset your workspace and the list of recently used files that appear in your Files menu, but none of your actual scripts or media files will be affected -- only the shortcut to them. To do this, download the Delete_ENTIRE_v5_regkey file linked below, double-click on it to run it, and click the Yes and OK confirmations.

More Information about Viewer Configuration

We have found that quite often when MediaShout crashes on launch, a user has customized the Viewers. Normally customizing the Viewers is not a problem, but we have found that certain changes to the viewer configuration can cause an illogical setup that will crash MediaShout. This happens when you have selected a Dual or Quad viewer configuration, but have then unchecked all of the source boxes for one of the viewer panes. You have created a situation where you've told MediaShout that you want a particular viewer pane to be displayed, but then not assigned anything to be displayed on it! If you do this, the next time you launch MediaShout it will crash. To avoid this happening, be sure that you always have at least one source assigned to each pane of your viewer. If you want to remove a pane, you need to change the Viewer Type at the top of the Viewer Properties window.

If you have already set this incorrectly and are experiencing a crash on launch of MediaShout 5, step 2 or 3 above will resolve this issue and reset your viewers to the original settings.

If these steps do not resolve your issue, please contact our support department for further assistance.