Videos no longer playing in MediaShout 5 after Windows 10 Update

UPDATE: As of March 20, 2017, Microsoft has released another Cumulative Update (KB4015438) for Windows 10, which fixes issues caused by the previous Cumulative Update (KB4013429) discussed in this article. This update also resets the K-Lite settings that needed to be adjusted. Once the new update is installed, no further action should be required. You can read more about this Microsoft update by clicking HERE.


The week of March 13, 2017, Microsoft Windows released an update to Windows 10 (KB4013429) that affected video playback using the K-lite Codec Pack we recommend.  Luckily, thanks to K-lite's user forum, we were able to determine the issue and provide you with a fix.

To access the codec Tweak Tool in Windows 10, type the word codec in the task bar search area. If you have the K-lite Codec Pack installed, you will see the Codec Tweak Tool as the top result. Click it to open it and if prompted with a User Account Control dialog, click yes to allow.

In the window that pops up, click on MS Codec Tweaks.


Then check the top four boxes (note: if you are using a 32-bit version of Windows 10, you will only need to check the top two boxes without the 64-bit recognition):

This should take care of the issue.  If you have MediaShout 5 open, close and reopen and then attempt to play your video files again.

If the above does not help, you can give us a call. We can remote in and look at the settings.

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