SongSelect & Planning Center Online Connection Issues

There are a couple of things that will cause connection issues with SongSelect. The most common error is caused by the time and date settings on the system. If these are incorrect, you will get the following error.
NOTE: If the clock is more than 7.5 minutes off in either direction, SongSelect will give you this error.

So if you get this error, please do the following:
1. Right click the Time and Date section in the Task Bar and select "Adjust data/time".
2. Then click on the Change time zone button.
3. Make sure the Time Zone is correct and the option for automatically adjusting the clock for Daylight Savings Time is selected.
4. Then click Change date and time button.
5. Make sure the Time, Date and AM/PM settings are correct and click OK and OK again.

If the settings are correct, and you're still having issues with Versions 4 or 5 make sure you have your SongSelect credentials and go to Tools/Settings/Songs(V4) or Lyrics(V5) and clock the SongSelect button and then click the Reset SongSelect Connection button. Then click Close and OK. Then try SongSelect again.