Video Issues & Working with DVD's (HandBrake)

Issues with a Video File:

If you bring a video into MediaShout and it has trouble playing, you may need to run it through a program like HandBrake to re-encode the video and allow it to play properly. Anytime you run a video through a program like this, we always suggest that you use the .mp4 format. Here is a link to all of our Support File Types in MediaShout 7. Here is a video that we found on YouTube that walks you through this process.

Issues with a DVD:

Programs like HandBrake can also be used to pull videos off of a DVD (unless it is a professional DVD that has Copyright Permissions). If you are setting up your Service for Sunday and you need to play a DVD, your best bet is to pull the video off of the DVD and save it to the computer's hard drive as an .mp4 file and then bring it into MediaShout like normal. Here is a video that we found on YouTube that explains this process well.

If you continue to have trouble with either of these, please email Support@MediaShout for more assistance.