MediaShout 5 Update Change Log

Below are the changes to each update of MediaShout 5.


Build 5.2.118 (October 7, 2015)

1. Updated Resource Manager to work with the updated licensing system.


Build 5.2.117 (October 6, 2015)

1. Fixed an issue for some users that would get a date/time error when launching MediaShout 5.


Build 5.2.116 (July 23, 2015)

1. Fixed a crash (new in build 115) that affected many users using the Announcement Deck.


Build 5.2.115 (July 21, 2015)

1. Updated program for upcoming Windows 10 release and compatibility.
2. Updated the Help PDF (Help Menu->Offline Help) with Build 115 fixes.
3. Removed Tutorials option from Help Menu (created errors for many users).
4. Fixed a crash when right clicking on the Play Order in the Main Object and choosing Remove All.
5. Fixed a crash where if you switch the Main Object to NONE, then clicked Add Page/Stanza would create errors.
6. Fixed a crash where Exporting the Text as an RTF File would cause MediaShout to fail.
7. Fixed a bug where the outline would only show on left and right for some users of Windows 8/8.1 and 10.
8. Fixed a bug when dragging a media object to consecutive pages of a multi-page cue, the second page wouldn't display the media object.
9. Fixed a bug where having Text Cues into the Quick Cue section would cause delays in loading of MediaShout as well as prompting for saving when opening the Cue Editor.
10. Fixed a bug where if you drug the Title Page out of the play order, the first stanza of text would also disappear.
11. Fixed a bug where if you create a song from scratch and use an existing Song ID, the wizard would let you get to the end of the creation, but wouldn't finish.
12. Fixed a bug when exporting Song Lyrics as a Text File, the Play Order would not show correctly in the Text File.
13. FEATURE - Printing a script now follows the Script View (Zooming) as well as Font Settings for the Script.
14. Fixed a bug where you couldn't drag media files over pages of a multi-page cue in Horizontal View.
15. Fixed a bug where when mirroring the Main Display to the Stage Display, the Key Text and Key Clock would not work on the stage monitor at all.
16. Fixed a bug where exporting Cues to Graphic Files would use a naming convention that could overwrite existing exported graphics.
17. Fixed a bug where file names were not correctly sorted in the Media Deck when in list view.
18. FEATURE - Changed the Compact View to now show the text of the cue next to the Cue Name.
19. Fixed a crash where if you are in the Add From Scratch Wizard and you hit the "X" to clear the Play Order, MediaShout would close.
20. Fixed a crash for some users where if they typed with their keyboard in the Transitions Boxes and hit ENTER, MediaShout would close.
21. Fixed a crash where if you had a Black Cue as your first cue and the second cue was set to Fade through Black as the General Transition, MediaShout would close.
22. Added new connections for the Planning Center Online server updates.


Build 5.2.113 (March 23, 2015)

1. Fixed a new issue where Custom Resolutions on Other Objects would not let you expend beyond the left or top border of the Cue Editor.
2. Fixed a rare crash where Memory Leaks would occur when copying or inserting pages in a Cue, which led to RTF Filter Errors among other issues.
3. Fixed a new issue where if a Bible Cue Reference Object used the Page Name, it would not update when using Spacebar or F9 to advance cues.
4. Fixed a new issue where Bible Reference Object in the Stage Tab resulted in incorrect Stage Data in the Reference Object.
5. Fixed a new issue that was limiting Song Lyrics to being in only one Lyric Group (instead of multiple).
6. PowerPoints now correctly show the Text of the slide in the Notes section of the Script.
7. When exporting song lyrics to a text file, the play order now correctly shows in the exported file.
8. Fixed an issue where the default folder for Packer was not saving correctly.
9. Fixed an issue where the Cue Name Token wasn't working correctly for Single Page Cues or Media Cues.
10. Added new integration of Planning Center Online so that all items in the schedule can be brought into your script as either a Song Lyric or Comment Cue.

Build 5.2.112 (February 3, 2015)

1. Fixed an issue when creating a new script and scroll bars would not appear.
2. General UI updates.


Build 5.2.111 (January 26, 2015)

1. Fixed the independent Transitions in the Main and Other Objects
2. Fixed an issue where in some cases, the Right-Click, Skip was not visually working in the script.
3. Fixed a crash when a user opens the Loop Properties while playing the Loop, but doesn't make any changes.


Build 5.2.110 (January 20, 2015)

1. Improvements to DVD playback (increased the type of DVDs that can be used).
2. Fixed an issue where copying and pasting into the Text Deck and then changing the boundries of the Text Box would duplicate the text.
3. Fixed an issue where on the last page of a PPT Cue, the Next Viewer would be black in the Control Screen.
4. Improvements to Remote Control (USB Remote) mode and losing mouse functions.
5. Fixed an issue where you can now adjust multiple Cues and set them to Mirror Main Display through the Stage Tab of the Cue Editor.
6. Improvements to the Packer Feature and integrating the script and media files.
7. Fixed an issue where the next line of the next cue would not appear on the Stage Monitor when playing the last page of a cue.
8. Significant improvements in Skip Pages/Skip Cues using the Right-Click menu on the script as well as using the colors from the Tools->Settings->Script Tab.
9. Objects applied to the Page Level now remain with that page when inserting another page/stanza/blank/etc.
10. Improvements to drag and drop of media files onto individual pages using Presets.
11. Improvements in Printing, including the ability to print Horizontal Page View.
12. FEATURE - Default Stage Template is now applied automatically to newly created cues (Text, Bible, Lyric, etc.).
13. Fixed some issues when using Script Controls within a Section.
14. Fixed an issue where multi-page cues were not correctly using varying Timed Advanced for each page.
15. When replacing an Other Object, the File Browser now correctly opens to All Media Files.
16. Added the ability to edit the Logo Cue in the Announcement Deck (via Right-Click on the Announcement Loop).
17. Improvements to the Function Key usage in the Decks
18. FEATURE - The three lines next to the Eye in the Other Objects now mean "Apply to All Pages" for whatever the Eye is set to on an object (open or closed)
19. Fixed a crash for Windows 8 when adjusting the transition times in the Cue Editor->Advanced Settings and hitting Enter
20. Fixed an issue where applying a template to a multi-page cue with Blanks would move or delete the blank pages.
21. Improvements to the Stage Data Boxes and their functions.
22. FEATURE - Added Countdown clock and Real Time Clock to the Stage Data options.
23. Fixed an issue where Importing PowerPoints to Graphic files creates unplayable cues.
24. Fixed an issue where the Bible Deck could lock up if using the ENTER key to make a selection.
25. Fixed an issue where End of ST and Timed Advance would not work on Cues having Worship Band in Hand tracks.
26. Fixed an issue where scripts from V4.x with Timed Advanced were not correctly carrying over the settings into V5.
27. FEATURE - In the Main Object of Text and Lyric Cues, you can now right click on a page and copy and paste just that page to a different part of the Cue.
28. Fixed an issue where cues built in V4 with Inherit Current were not correctly applying Inherit BG in V5.
29. Improvements on the Media Playback Bar at the bottom of the script, including a bigger handle and easier to click and grab.
30. Fixed an issue where when adding new pages to an existing cue, the Stage Display already used on the Cue would not be applied.
31. Fixed an issue where dragging the same object over multiple pages of a cue would insert that object multiple times instead of simply turning the eye on or off as needed.
32. Fixed an issue with the prompt "Delete Template" when opening MediaShout.
33. FEATURE - Typing in just the Book/Chapter in the Bible Deck will now auto-populate all the verses automatically.
34. Fixed an issue where the Text Deck MRU list could not be cleared (can be by clearing file history in the Tools->Settings->General Tab)
35. Fixed a rare crash when dragging multiple sections around in a script.
36. Improvements to RTF file usage (via copy/paste into the Text Deck).
37. Fixed an issue where Inherit BG was not being saved to the Template.
38. Fixed an issue where in the Cue Editor of a Bible Cue, you highlight the first verse and add the next verse, it adds the wrong text for the verse.
39. Fixed an issue where the Screen Reduction (Tools->Settings->Displays) would leave a gray border is now correctly a black border.
40. Fixed an issue where dragging multiple objects into a section would put them in reverse order.
41. Significant improvements with using Video Cues in the Announcement Deck (and setting custom advances).
42. Fixed an issue where Mirror Main by default setting in the Tools->Settings->Cue Setup would not work in some cases.
43. Connected the Title Page Object with the Title Screen so that they are tied together.
44. Fixed an issue where applying a Template to multiple cues could cause a crash.
45. Fixed an issue where "Encountered an Improper Argument" would appear when trying to delete a cue from the Announcement Library using the "Delete" key.
46. General UI improvements throughout the program.


Build 5.2.108 (December 16, 2014)

1. Fixed the issue with the Lyric Deck not initializing when MediaShout launches.
2. Sound Control now correctly affects the Script as well as Audio Deck.
3. Search box in the Media Tab now correctly works within the deck.
4. Some fixes related to Other Objects and having them retain correctly on pages when new pages/stanzas are inserted.


Build 5.2.105 (December 9, 2014)

1. Fixed an issue where using the BLANK page in the Main Object of the Cue Editor could create a crash.
2. Updated the Transition in the main part of the Main Object Tab of the Cue Editor will now change both Transition In and Transition Out in the Advanced Tools.
3. Added icon for drag and drop functionality to insert a SlideShow (PowerPoint) in the More Elements Deck.
4. PowerPoints inserted into the presentation are now Full Stretch by default.
5. Fixed an issue when opening a V4 script in V5, the Script Controls from V4 lose their Target Information.
6. Fixed an issue where the default Cue Colors (Tools Menu->Settings->Script Tab) were white instead of the default gray.
7. Fixed an issue for some users where the Notes Field Text in the General Tab was not showing in the Notes View of the script.
8. Fixed a Linking Issue with Planning Center Online's API within the Lyrics Deck.
9. Fixed an issue where CTRL+C, CTRL+V, and CTRL+X were not working in search boxes within the decks.
10. Fixed some known crashes when exiting Remote Control Mode.
11. Fixed an issue where if Remote Control Mode is on when exiting MediaShout and then later reopening, the Remote Control Mode is engaged, but the Remote Keys do not work.
12. Fixed an Invalid Argument Error when right-clicking on a Cue in the Announcement Library and choosing Remove Cue.
13. When pasting an object into a Cue, you can now use CTRL+Z to undo the pasting.
14. Fixed an issue where the Template applied to a Song Lyric in the Page View of the Deck doesn't save back to the database.
15. Focus is now correctly applied to where you were in MediaShout when you use ALT+Tab to shift to another application and come back to MediaShout.
16. Fixed a saving issue when creating a Cue in the Text Deck using the Cue Editor (not the Deck itself).
17. Fixed an issue where Auto Advance on cues would lose focus on an existing editing of another cue when the slide would auto-advance.
18. Fixed a rare situation where changing the Stage Tab to Main Display not saving when closing the Cue Editor.
19. Fixed an issue where using numbers to fire pages of a cue didn't work correctly.
20. Fixed a crash when adding a BLANK page to a Lyric Cue and then setting the Transition to Dissolve and clicking the Apply to Cue button.
21. Fixed an issue with FastFolders that prevented you from reselecting a previously selected FastFolder.
22. Fixed PowerPoint text showing up incorrectly on the Stage Monitor.
23. Fixed an Invalid Argument when playing a Section Cue with a Comment as the first cue in the Section.
24. Fixed a UI issue where a second copy of the Song Lyric may appear below the first in the Page View of the Lyric Deck.
25. Fixed an issue with an image set to Full Stretch and having a 1 pixel border around the image (that couldn't be removed).
26. Update the taskbar menus so that highlighted text is now black instead of white.
27. Fixed a crash when right-clicking and deleting the Title Screen Object in the Other Objects Tab.
28. Improvements on object layering and moving them within the layers.


Build 5.2.102 (November 19, 2014)

1. Fixed an issue where the default color settings for cues was white.
2. Fixed a crash when rearranging cues below a closed Section.
3. New Lyrics (or imported Lyrics) now have the default template applied.
4. Fade In/Out on Sounds Tab and Sound Controls now works correctly.
5. Title Page Text in Other Objects is now directly tied to Title Page in Main Objects.  Deleting the Main Object also deletes the Other Object.
6. Fixed an couple of certain instances MediaShout may not prompt to save changes to a script when closing.
7. Significant improvements with scaling and resolution issues, even in odd or custom resolutions.
8. Updated the function of Repagination to affect all cues in a script.  Edit Menu -> Repaginate Cues is updated as well.


Build 5.2.99 (October 14, 2014)

1. Fixed an issue where an image set to full stretch may still show the base color as a border around it.
2. Editing a cue while an auto advance (timed) cue is playing now no longer loses focus in the editor.
3. Keyboard shortcuts now correctly work in the Add Song from Scratch Wizard.
4. NEW - Remote Control Button added to the Tool Bar next to Play Mode for easy turning of Remote Control Mode on and off.
5. Fixed an issue where when in Remote Control Mode, all cues now behaved in Manual Advance (even if you had Timed or End of BG set).
6. Audio Deck volume now correctly stays when changing from song to song.
7. Improvements with Image Scaling in Thumbnails and other icons.
8. Added an "Add Files to Playlist" option in the Audio Deck.
9. UI improvements with selected items within Decks.
10. Fixed a crash when clicking Apply to Cue in the Font area of the Main Object while on a Blank Page.
11. NEW - Added a new cue type selection for color to the Tools->Setting->Script Tab for Cues with some missing media.
12. Fixed an issue with PowerPoint presentations not showing in the viewers correctly as you advance through a multi-point slide.
13. Fixed the removal process in the Announcement Deck to include Right Click->Remove
14. Fixed an issue where dragging a Stanza up from the Stanza list into the Play Order in the Main Object may replace the contents of the existing stanza.
15. NEW - Added an "X" button to the right of search boxes to clear the searches quickly.
16. Fixed an issue where MediaShout would fail to reopen if you had a viewer without a button applied to it.
17. Fixed an issue where "Server is busy..." when launching MediaShout and some secondary program (i.e. PowerPoint, Windows Media Player, etc.) failed to open correctly.
18. Fixed the Planning Center Online Link to Library connection where you could link any song from your MediaShout Library to your Planning Center Song List.
19. Partially fixed the Sound Control now correctly stopping the Audio Deck.
20. Fixed an issue where the Cues Deck may generate an error if a previous file had been deleted when MediaShout was closed.


Build 5.2.94 (September 17, 2014)

1. Fixed an issue with Band in Hand Tool where the Key Selection was not saved to a mix used in MediaShout.
2. Can now set a template for multiple selected cues of the same type.
3. Changes in the Cue Editor scaling that correctly represents the Cue Setup output resolution.
4. Thumbnails in the script now are correctly scaled based upon the Cue Setup resolution.
5. UI Updates throughout the program to better reflect what is selected (light blue highlight).
6. Fixed an issue where pressing Apply multiple times would cause stability issues.
7. Removed unnecessary thumbnails from the Cue Deck when in Remote Control Mode.
8. Stability improvements to the Cloud Deck.
9. General Bug Fixes to Band in Hand Tool.


Build 5.2.93 (September 9, 2014)

1. Fixed an issue where imported V4 lyrics with multiple backgrounds were not displaying correctly in V5.
2. Fixed a UI issue where the view settings for Media->Files Deck was not saving when closing and reopening V5.
3. Added color selection in for various Cue Types in Tools->Settings->Script Tab.
4. Fixed a UI issue where icons were incorrect in Media->Files Deck.
5. Songs created from scratch now automatically apply the Default Template once created.
6. Fixed an issue with the Cloud Deck and opening Packed Scripts from within it.
7. Fixed a bug where importing song lyrics forced the Default Template, even if existing Media was assigned from a previous version.
8. Fixed a bug where a cue with a non-black Base Color would retain the color on screen when Stop All was pressed.
9. Fixed a bug where the Cue Setup "Current Main" and "Current Stage" hints were not applying to the correct resolution.
10. General UI updates with the Thumbnails in script and Cue Editor Preview Window.


Build 5.2.91 (August 25, 2014)

1. Fixed an issue for some users who were getting failed imports of V4 databases and text files from other software into MediaShout 5.2's Lyric Library.
2. Fixed a UI issue in the Band in Hand Tool where the mix name was not updating in the interface.
3. Fixed the sorting issue in the list of songs in the Band in Hand Tool.
4. Fixed a bug with the Announcement Library settings returning an "Encountered an Improper argument" error.
5. Fixed an issue where the Media Deck -> Files Tab would not retain the view settings.
6. Fixed a UI issue in the Cue Editor where the page selection would turn light gray and wasn't possible to see for many users.
7. Fixed a UI issue in the Files Tab where icons were incorrect.


Build 5.2.90 (August 19, 2014)

1. NEW FEATURE - Added integration with Band Tracks from
2. NEW FEATURE - Added cloud sync integration with
3. NEW FEATURE - Updated Audio Deck which allows for playback of playlists in Windows Media Player and iTunes.
4. NEW FEATURE - New powerful Script Control Cue that allows for playback of decks (such as Audio Playlist, Twitter, Announcements, etc.) from the script itself.
5. NEW FEATURE - Ability to import EasyWorship song database (songs.db) and ProPresenter 4 and 5 (*.pro4 and *.pro5) files.
6. Fixed an issue where SongSelect songs would not add to the library for some users.
7. Fixed an issue where after closing the Firebox and/or Mixer Window, they would not restore unless you reset to the Default Workspace.
8. Fixed an issue where the Bible Deck would incorrectly pull the wrong verse if the Cue Editor had been closed using the "X" instead of Cancel/OK.
9. Fixed a crash using BG Mode during a transition of a page.
10. Fixed a crash searching the iTunes library.
11. Updated default file types throughout the program to be more accurate to the selection window.
12. Remove the non-working My Music folder from the Audio Deck.
13. Fixed an issue where a Quick Cue set to dissolve played after multi-page cue in the script, the transition would have multiple layers of text.
14. Fixed an issue where F8 (Stop All) may not stop all playback the first time it is fired.
15. Fixed UI issues with searching in the Bible Deck.
16. Fixed an issue where an audio file in the Sounds Tab would start auto playing when the Cue Editor was opened.
17. Updated the importing of Lyric Files dialog for better user experience.
18. Updated programming files for more reliable security.
19. Completed the update to the Outline/Shadow controls in the Main Object so that delays are minimal.
20. Updated UI in various menus.
21. Updated Inherit BG behavior to be more reliable.
22. Fixed an issue where the Lyric Deck would be searching for the previous search options when MediaShout opens.
23. Fixed an issue where going back to a previous page in a cue with a motion background would restart that background.
24. Fixed an issue where going back to the first page in a cue with an audio file would restart the audio (and/or play the audio twice).


Build 5.1.80 (June 17, 2014)

1. Updated the Standard Workspace to the more familiar two viewers with the Program on top and Next/Preview on the bottom.
2. Improved labeling on the Remote Settings in the Tools->Settings->Remote Tab.


Build 5.1.79 (June 12, 2014)

1. Updated the Volunteer Mode to use the correct Function Keys (F9 - Forward, F7 - Backward, etc.).
2. Added new Templates for users in the Lyric Deck (including Title Pages), Bible Deck (including references), and Text Deck and changed the defaults for users who have never set a default template (user-changed defaults are unaffected).


Build 5.1.78 (June 9, 2014)

1. Fixed an issue where PowerPoint Animations wouldn't play
2. Fixed a crash when changing the Templates on the Twitter Deck.
3. Added options in the Main Object of the Cue Editor for Line Spacing.
4. Fixed an issue where dragging and dropping media files on a Song Lyric wouldn't change the background correctly.
5. Fixed an issue where when a Preset was applied to an Other Object, it would only appear on the first page.
6. Added Blank and Title pages to Song Lyrics (via Right-Click in Play Order in Main Object) - more to be developed.
7. Fixed an issue with the Bible Search Box where it was applying old searches in conjunction with a new search.
8. Fixed a rare issue where objects inserted on the Other Object Tab extend beyond the edit area.
9. Added Template Controls to the Stage Monitor Tab.
10. Fixed an issue where the focus would jump from the Script to another Deck and back to the script when using the Space Bar.
11. Imported V4 songs now correctly show the Stage Data information on the Stage Monitor Tab.
12. Edits to a stanza of a Song Lyric are now correctly applied when dragging that stanza into the play order.
13. Fixed FastFolder links in the Media Deck.
14. Fixed a setting where the Auto-Scroll controls were not saving when closing and reopening MediaShout.
15. Fixed an issue with removing pages in a Text Cue.
16. Fixed an issue with DELETE on pages within a multi-page Cue.
17. Scaling of script window now only affects the Thumbnails and Play/Edit Icons.  Text is controlled by Tools->Settings->Script Tab.
18. Removed In/Out Points being saved with Presets.
19. Fixed the search parameters so that searching by CCLI number works in the Lyric Deck.
20. Added 1366x768 as a resolution in the Cue Setup.
21. Fixed an issue with the Twitter Deck if restarting MediaShout using a Script Scale larger than 100%.
22. Fixed an issue where the File Bar can disappear if it is set to float and MediaShout is closed and reopened.
23. Fixed a GUI issue with Video Files and Time Triggers when saving and restoring a Workspace.
24. Fixed an issue with the Right-Click Menu in certain areas.
25. Fixed an issue where "Encountered an Improper Argument" would appear after playing a PPT or PPTX file.
26. Fixed an issue where an error would occur when playing a PPT or PPTX in Triple Screen Mode.
27. Fixed an issue with "Remove All" in the Main Object of the Cue Editor.
28. Fixed a rare issue where when a PPT or PPTX is opened for the first time, the mouse becomes disabled.
29. Fixed an issue where double-clicking on the Play Button of a PPT or PPTX Cue would cause a crash.
30. Fixed an issue where the PPT or PPTX would not show correctly on the Stage Display.
31. Fixed an issue with deleting a paginated page of a one-verse Bible Cue.
32. Fixed the "Phantom Cue" issue of a .1 Cue appearing at the bottom of the script and corrupting the script when editing a multi-page cue down to a single page.
33. Corrected a few typos throughout the program.
34. Added functionality for Keyboard Shortcuts inside the Cue Editor:
  - CTRL+B - BOLD highlighted text
  - CTRL+I - ITALICIZE highlighted text
  - CTRL+U - UNDERLINE highlighted text
  - CTRL+X - CUT



Build 5.1.74 (May 6, 2014)

1. NEW FEATURE - Volunteer Mode added.
2. NEW FEATURE - Twitter Deck added.
3. NEW FEATURE - Horizontal Page View added.
4. NEW FEATURE - Timeline Scrubbing with Audio/Video and Timed Cues added.
5. NEW FEATURE - Previous Viewer now an option with viewers.
6. NEW FEATURE - Presets in Media Deck can now be selected before adding your media to your script.
7. CHANGED FEATURE - Due to Windows 7 and 8 now using F10 for system functions and in preparation for consistency with MediaShout 5 for Mac (Coming Soon), the Function Keys have changed as follows:

F9 - Forward
F8 - Stop All
F7 - Backwards
F6 - Quick Cue 3
F5 - Quick Cue 2
F4 - Quick Cue 1

8. Fixed occasional flashing between slides, especially when using a dissolve transition.
9. Fixed an issue where playing a Manual Advance Cue after a Timed Cue, the Manual Advance would advance with the timing.
10. Fixed an issue where the script view was not saving correctly.  It is now saving to the Script File.
11. Fixed an issue where you could paste a Section into a Section and create errors.
12. Fixed an issue with Non-Paginated text showing on every page of a cue, no matter if the visibility was set or not.
13. Fixed an issue where the stage data was not appearing or not updating after the first page.
14. Updated the Object Opacity settings in the Other Objects Effects panel.
15. Updated the Shadow settings in the Effects panel.
16. Added additional labeling for Transitions.
17. Fixed an issue where the transition drop-down list may not hide when you don't click on a selection.
18. Fixed an issue where other objects may not have had the same transition on every page.
19. Fixed an issue with Inherit BG, if a Cue-level transition was applied.
20. Improved transition timings with Shadow and Outline used in the Main Object.
21. Fixed an issue with Dual-Play on a single-screen system.
22. Fixed an issue where if video was added to the Other Objects Tab, all other objects would become invisible.
23. Fixed an issue where a video is inserted into a script and then selecting song in the Cue Editor -> Main Object was not possible.
24. Fixed an issue where media is playing and the column divider is moved on the Control Panel, then the media stops playing.
25. Fixed an issue where if Stage is set to Main Display (mirror main), pausing a video would not pause on the Stage Display.
26. Fixed an issue with video files having the .mkv extension.
27. Fixed a crash when browsing Media files from the Libraries in Windows.
28. Fixed an issue with Video In/Out points saving incorrectly.
29. Fixed a crash that occurred with a user playing a video immediately after restoring a standard layout.
30. Fixed an issue with Inherit BG that doesn't work correctly when a Preset has been applied to the BG object.
31. Fixed a crash when restoring a custom workspace while a video is playing.
32. Fixed a crash when firing a cue with video using Dual-Play, and you attempt to close the application.


Build (Mar. 18, 2014)

1. Major improvements with the Video Engine (including cue-to-cue transitions, page-to-page transitions, playback in viewers, etc.)


Build (Feb. 25, 2014)

1. Updated EULA in MediaShout 5 Installer.
2. Added Public Domain Lyrics and Import Folder to 30-day trial.
3. Fixed an isolated issue where Nalpeiron Service Installer wasn't running during install on new systems.
4. You can now drag expanded section cues under another cue in the script.
5. Thumbnails are created correctly now.
6. Fixed an error when a non-default template was applied to a Bible Cue and then MediaShout was minimized.
7. Fixed the Vertical Alignment on the Stage Tab.
8. Announcement Smart Loops now correctly loop when inserted into the script.
9. Fixed the alignment issue in Lyric, Bible, and Text cues with the last line shifting from center to left when adding Page Breaks.
10. Fixed the alignment issue in Lyric, Bible, and Text cues when changing the size of the text box.
11. Fixed an error for some users when closing MediaShout, the application would crash.
12. Fixed the time-out error when downloading from the Resource Manager.



Build (Jan. 6, 2014)

1. Workspaces now correctly save settings and recall them upon closing MediaShout.
2. Workspaces now correctly save settings when saving as a new workspace and recalling it.
3. Removed the black flash between cues in the script.
4. Changing copyright information in the Cue Editor now correctly updates and saves to the Lyric.
5. Added a new function for Saving Lyric As in the Cue Editor to create a different Lyric using the current Lyric as the base.
6. Fixed the error for some users in the Cue Editor -> Main Object and then Right-Click -> Duplicate Stanza in the Stanza List.
7. Corrected the issue with the play times for a Sound File in the Cue Editor.
8. Fade-In on Soundtracks is now correctly applied.
9. Vertical alignment now works correctly in the Stage Tab.
10. Alignment now appears correctly in the Text Deck.
11. Fixed GUI issues with the Text Alignment Menu.
12. Fixed a crash for some users when they clicked "Delete" in the Right-Click menu on the Other Objects Tab.
13. Fixed a crash for some users when removing the "Bible Reference" on a page.
14. Correctly shows the last line of text on the Preview Monitor.
15. Removed error when a non-default template was applied on a Bible Cue and then the app was minimized.
16. Fixed a registration issue where the server would time out and drop connection.
17. Fixed the thumbnails being created incorrectly.
18. Clicking on a Main Screen Next Viewer now fires that Cue correctly.
19. Fixed a crash for some users when dragging a cue from the script to the Cue Deck and vice versa.
20. Fixed an issue that after restoring the Standard Layout, the books in the Bible Deck don't appear.
21. Fixed an issue where Non-Paginated Text Objects (Other Objects) would be invisible on Preview and during fire, if the text frame is smaller than the font size.
22. Header and Footer now correctly display on Stage Display for all users.
23. Fixed a crash for some users when the Text Deck would not be visible.
24. Fixed a GUI issue for some users where the Web Deck would not be drawn correctly.
25. Fixed install issues for users on Windows 8.1.
26. Fixed install issues for "Feature Request Failure" when installing from DVD.
27. Fixed an issue where MediaShout thinks the resolution is 4:3, even if there is other settings in the Tools->Settings->Cue Setup dialog.
28. Can now add Soundtrack to a Cue via drag and drop.
29. Fixed GUI issues in the Resource Manager.
30. Fixed an issue for some users when they download the lyrics from the Resource Manager, that MediaShout asks to Add Song to the Library for every song.
31. Restoring a workspace now correctly stretches the Media Player within the intended GUI boundaries below the script.
32. Fixed an issue where some users were seeing text instead of icons on the tool bar.


Build (Dec. 3, 2013)

1) Activation Check at launch of MediaShout implemented
2) New Dictionaries added to the installer
3) Decreased load time of MediaShout 5, especially if multiple Bibles are installed
4) Stage Display settings have been corrected from imported V4 song libraries
5) Dual-Play function now works correctly
6) Updated GUI in Media Deck -> Web Tab
7) Fixed a crash when sorting by Date, Time, etc. in the Cue Info Tab
8) Updated dialog box when deleting a tag from the Announcement Deck
9) Multi-selecting cues and setting Advance to Timed now shows correctly in the script
10) Added Backup Library and Options functionality in the Lyrics Tab
11) Stage Display functionality improvements
12) Fixed a crash when selecting Main Display in the Stage Tab of the Cue Editor
13) Start time now works correctly in Script Control
14) 32-bit transparent files are now supported in the Other Objects Tab


Build (Nov. 19, 2013)

1) Fixed a crash error when clicking on "Don't show Before" and "Don't show After" in the Info Tab of the Cue Editor.
2) Fixed a crash when a single viewer was switched to "Next."
3) Fixed the error message for many users when the last page of a multi-page PowerPoint cue is fired.  (Note: this error will still remain for users who are using the Stage Viewer, but will be fixed in a future build.)
4) GUI updates to the Script and Sound Control boxes.
5) Fixed a crash when trying to sort cues by Date, Time, or Main Display in the Info Tab of the Cue Editor.
6) Full implementation of most 3rd-party remote controls in the Tools->Settings->Remote Tab.
7) Fixed the error when restoring a Standard Layout Workspace, the Playback Mode dropdown would be empty.
8) Removed unnecessary items in the MRU list of the File Menu (Auto-Save files).
9) Lyric Deck now correctly applies the Default Template information at the bottom of the deck.
10) Fixed the issue where newly created templates were not showing up as selection options in the deck.
11) The MediaShout publisher is now verified and should work correctly with most Firewall programs when downloading this and future builds.
12) SSC Files are now capable of being associated with MediaShout 5 within Windows Settings.


Build (Nov. 5, 2013)

1) Script Sizer (% dropdown) now retains settings after closing and reopening MS.
2) View->Auto-Scroll can now be toggled.
3) Contents of Reference Objects now save with Templates.
4) Other Objects Tab -> Copyright now save with Templates.
5) Tools -> Settings -> Cue Setup Tab - Added functionality for setting the intended resolution when an external monitor is not connected.
6) Cue Editor Preview Window now shows the correct aspect ratio of the Main Display.
7) Fixed crash of Overlay Display not responding to key strokes or ESC key.
8) Implemented a new Auto-Save feature (timed out for every 5 minutes).
9) Panic Buttons now correctly show the updated thumbnails when you make changes.
10) Toolbar now appears correctly if the application was minimized for more than 1 hour.
11) Time Trigger now stays enabled after recording and saving time trigger functions.
12) Renamed the Packer dialog to "Name your New Packed Script" instead of "Name your New Folder."
13) "Inherit BG" function in Cue Editor->General Tab is now fully functioning.
14) Update to GUI interface for deck settings.
15) Sorting Arrows now match in all uses.
16) Fixed an error where text from the Bibles was not appearing on the Program Viewer.
17) If a Cue is fired from the Text Deck, you now know which cue that is, by highlighting it in the Text Deck.
18) Keyboard functions now correctly work with Object Opacity.
19) Improvements to the Print Preview function.
20) All "Beta" references have been removed from the application.
21) "Cut" transition now correctly cuts from slide to slide.
22) Tools -> Settings -> Lyric Tab: The CCLI Number Label is now corrected.
23) Fixed the Media Player view when restoring a workspace.
24) Added MediaShout 5 to the Start Menu.
25) Edit -> Convert -> Export Cue to Graphic File now works correctly.
26) Removed reference in Settings to "Warn me if Backup is Disabled" as this no longer applies.
27) Setting the default script to "None" now correctly saves.
28) Using the alternative method to setting frame marks in DVDs is now available.
29) Fixed a random crash when the user fired an empty User-Created Page immediately after another page with some object.
30) Fixed the Timed Advance going to the next playable cue when the next cue is a Comment.
31) The Stage Monitor Viewer not correctly advances when a user uses the Space Bar to advance through the script.
32) Cues that are just Sound Cues (without a Visual Object) now no longer have a thumbnail image.
33) "Dissolve" transition now correctly cross-dissolves.
34) A Viewer set to "Program" now has a correct resolution border around the image.
35) Improvements to the Default Lyric Settings. 


Build (Oct. 15, 2013)


  1. Disabling of AST when MediaShout 5 starts

  2. Improved functionality of DVD Player

  3. Fix of Toolbar Icons when an upgrade is used

  4. Embedded Text can no longer be a BG Object

  5. Drop down list with Previously Selected Bibles is now enabled

  6. Alignment in Text Boxes now match Format Panel

  7. Edit -> Convert -> Export Cue to Graphic File now works

  8. Opacity settings for Other Objects is now saved to the Script File.  The Opacity Settings has also been implemented correctly for Video Objects.

  9. Effects Settings for Media Objects is now saved to the Script File

  10. Volume Control on Video Object now works correctly

  11. “Loop” in Script Control dialog now works

  12. Changing scaling within the Cue Editor Properties box works correctly with or without “Keep Aspect Ratio” on.

  13. GUI updates in Cue Editor

  14. In the Other Objects Tab, the Object Checkbox now works correctly

  15. Text transitions using “Apply to Cue” now apply to all of Cue, not just first page

  16. Fixes to various Transition Issues

  17. Tools -> Settings -> General Tab updates (including “Specific Script” on open function)

  18. Fixed pixilated thumbnail icons and other general GUI issues

  19. Set the default view for Media Deck -> Files to Thumbnail View

  20. Fixed the ability to remove a “User-Created Page” from a Bible Cue

  21. Help Topics has been renamed “Help & Training” and points to the web-based online training.  An offline help has also been added for users without web access.

  22. Presets should no longer save which page an object is visible on

  23. Audio Deck - Manual and Auto Advance now work correctly

  24. Fixed the issue of MS crashing when an empty “User-Created Page” is fired when another page with other objects applied is fired prior.