What happened to my F10 and F9 in MediaShout 5?

Starting in Windows 7, Microsoft began using F10 as a new system function.  As Windows 8 came out, they used it more and now with the advancement of Windows 8.1, we found ourselves in a difficult situation.  Because of their use of F10, we could no longer work around that inside MediaShout to use that for advancing slides without causing other issues.  So we had to make a tough decision to change the programming scheme starting with MediaShout 5.1 that we have had in place for over 15 years (all the way back to the very first version).  The good news is this did give us an opportunity to match up the programming between MediaShout on PC and the new MediaShout on Mac that we are working on.  The new scheme is as follows:

F9 - Advance
F8 - Stop All
F7 - Backward
F6 - Quick Cue 3
F5 - Quick Cue 2
F4 - Quick Cue 1

If you use a programmable remote that maps to the original F10 / F9 keys, then you will want to reprogram to take advantage of this in MediaShout 5.1 and later (earlier versions of MediaShout are unaffected at this point, but that may change in the future).  If you are using the Honeywell PowerPresenter RF, make sure you view OUR ARTICLE on how to reprogram that.

Thanks for understanding as this was not an easy decision on our part, but something we had to do to continue having full functionality with our program.